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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

Zapp is a leading producer of stainless steel, nickel alloy round wire and cold rolled shaped wire.

We are also well known for more than 60 years as the leading European Service-Center for nickel based and titanium semi-finished products such as round bars, forgings, sheets/plates as well as tubes and pipes for the oil and gas industry. Typical alloys include 304, 304L, 316, 316L, XM19, 25-6MO, 27-7MO® , Alloy C-276, 625, 718, 825, and MP35N®.

These alloys are necessary when exposed to aggressive environments such as chlorides, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen sulfide, especially at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Material and forms

End use includes...

  • Wirelines, also called slickline or measuring line
  • Armor Wire for the manufacture of electromechanical cables
  • Round and shaped wire for the manufacture of filter screen jackets
  • filters/strainers
  • thick walled tubes to protect sensitive electronics in the area of the rotary swivel head
  • Forgings for cam lobes in pumps
  • Hexagon- and Round bars for on- and offshore valve

Material is available according to the following standards: ASTM, DIN, API, NACE.

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